2019 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament

cwf_weaver_cup_2019_previewEach year we honor our friend, Johnny Weaver, that impacted the entire wrestling landscape in the Mid-Atlantic region and a friend will we never forget.  This year marks the 16th year for the Johnny Weaver Cup.

This year will also come with the biggest stakes ever for the Weaver Cup Tournament!  As the winner of the summer long tournament will also be declared the new Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion!!!

Trevor Lee, a former Weaver Cup & Kernodle Cup winner, resigned from the championship after announcing his new contract with WWE and moving from North Carolina to Florida to compete on a whole new level.  With the title vacated, it was determined the best way to crown a new champion was to include the championship with the prestigious Johnny Weaver Cup.

weaver_john_skylerWe’ll be announcing entrants as we move to the official first rounds.  Every match could factor into who makes the tournament this year and where they will be seeded.  However we do already know who will be the #1 seed.  As last year’s winner of the Weaver Cup, John Skyler, will receive that premium slot.  Skyler had not cashed in his guaranteed shot at the Mid-Atlantic Title before it was vacated.  Due to this Skyler was automatically entered into this year’s tournament and given the top spot.

weaver_roy_wilkinsNext to be officially announced is also a former Weaver Cup Winner and former Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Roy Wilkins!  Wilkins was the last to hold the Mid-Atlantic Title as Trevor Lee defeated him for the championship to begin his historic 3-years title run.  Wilkins is the current PWI International Champion, and having successfully defended that title this month, grabs the #2 seed for this year’s tournament.

Also new this year will be a “Fan’s Choice” entrant! Voting will take place at live events in Gibsonville, NC and will also be cast during the live streams on Twitch!  The “Fan’s Choice” will gain a guaranteed seed for the tournament!

weaver_cup_ma_title2019 ENTRANTS

  1. John Skyler – 2018 Johnny Weaver Cup Winner; reigning PWI Ultra J Champion
  2. Roy Wilkins – 2015 Johnny Weaver Cup Winner; reigning PWI International Champion
  3. “Fan’s Choice” – “Cowboy” Kool Jay captured the most votes to guarantee his spot in this year’s tournament!


Currently Unseeded but officially entered:

  • Ric Converse – 2010 Johnny Weaver Cup Winner; 6-Time Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Champion
  • Cam Carter – 2019 Runner-Up
  • “Cowboy” Kool Jay – 2019 Final Four; Fan’s Choice
  • Arik Royal – Only 2-Time Weaver Cup Winner (2011 & 2012); Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Champion
  • Aaron Biggs – Reigning CWF Worldwide TV Champion
  • Brad Attitude – 2014 Johnny Weaver Cup Winner; Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Champion

1st Round Matches held June 15, 2019 at “All Star Night” in Gibsonville, NC

  1. Cam Carter pinned Number Braaah in 12:31 (substituting for injured Aric Andrews) to advance to the 2nd Round
  2. Arik Royal pinned “Cowboy” Kool Jay at 11:55 to advance to the 2nd Round.
  3. Brad Attitude pinned Mike Mars in 12:29 to advance to the 2nd Round.
  4. Cain Justice pinned John Skyler in 19:09 to advance to the 2nd Round.

1st Round Matches held July 13, 2019 at “Freedom of Expression” in Gibsonville, NC

  • Kamakazi Kid pinned Nick Richards in 11:12 to advance to the 2nd Round.
  • Jesse Ortega pinned Snooty Foxx in 10:41 to advance to the 2nd Round.

2nd Round Matches held July 27, 2019 at “Oh What a Summer” in Gibsonville, NC

  • Ethan Alexander Sharpe pinned Kamakazi Kid in 11:25 to advance to Finals Night
  • Cain Justice pinned Cam Carter in 17:04 to advance to Finals Night

2nd Round Matches held August 10, 2019 at “Storm Warning” in Gibsonville, NC

  • Arik Royal pinned Jesse Ortega in 11:36 to advance to Finals Night 
  • Roy Wilkins pinned Brad Attitude in 17:36 to advance to Finals Night

Semi-Finals & Finals Matches held August 24, 2019 at “Weaver Cup Finals Night” in Gibsonville, NC

  • Roy Wilkins pinned Ethan Alexander Sharpe in 13:54 to advance to the Finals
  • Arik Royal pinned Cain Justice in 26:50 to advance to the Finals
  • Arik Royal pinned Roy Wilkins in 21:35 to win the 2019 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament AND awarded the vacant Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title
Tournament Updates