ABSOLUTE JUSTICE – 5 Titles On The Line in 1 Main Event Match!!!

CWF Mid-Atlantic’s Absolute Justice is set for June 9th and will feature the return of the “Everything to Lose” main event match!  It returns as the BIGGEST “Everything to Lose Match” ever in the history of the Absolute Justice events!

The original “Absolute Justice” event was held on June 16, 2007 at the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC. Everyone entered into the match has to put up something, usually a championship, but sometimes a tag team’s future, hair or mask, or something extremely valuable to the competitors.  The person to win the one-fall bout wins whatever the loser has put up as his stakes.  If it is a tag title, the winner and his tag partner win those tag titles.  If it is a special condition, it will apply to the loser or losers depending on their stipulation.

The main event, “Everything to Lose”, was debuted with the following four teams at the original Absolute Justice:

  • Rob McBride & Tank Lawson putting up their Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles
  • Ric Converse & Xsiris putting up their AWA World Tag Team Titles
  • Joey Silvia (Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title) & Steve Greene (Mid-Atlantic TV Title)
  • The Neon Lions (Lee Valiant & Chris Collins putting their tag team on the line)

This historic bout put four titles on the line and the deciding fall saw Lee Valiant pin Steve Greene to capture the Mid-Atlantic TV Title!

Absolute Justice 2018 will again have the “Everything to Lose Match” as the main event but this time with FIVE TITLES on the line!!!  Ric Converse will be the only veteran of the first-ever match to enter this year.  Converse will put up his PWI International Hwt. Title and will team with fellow PWI Champion, Cam Carter, who will risk his Ultra J Title.

Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Champion, Trevor Lee, will have his title on the line and will team with new CWF Worldwide TV Champion, Aric Andrews.  In this bout the 10-minute time limit for the TV Title does not apply.  Will Andrews be able to avoid losing his newly won title?

The Dawson Brothers will be putting their Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles on the line.  Zane Dawson, a former PWI International Hwt. Champion, could be targeting Ric Converse in this match as a chance to return to singles prominence!

Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) will risk the future of their tag team.  While both seemingly were on a downward spiral, the encouragement from William L. Cross has seen their failures turn to success.  The duo has an almost perfect tag team record of late, only losing to The Closers in the semi-finals of the Kernodle Tag Team Tournament.  Cross has stated this is their chance for “Absolute Redemption” where any victory for them will result in a championship, whether singles or tag.  McAllister has even more to prove as he was the loser in last year’s “Everything to Lose Match.”

  • Ric Converse (PWI International Hwt. Title) & Cam Carter (PWI Ultra J Title)
  • Trevor Lee (Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Title) & Aric Andrews (CWF Worldwide TV Title)
  • The Dawson Brothers (Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles)
  • Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards as a tag team)

Will we seen another “Double Crown” this year? Could this be the end of Redemption? Surviving is winning in this special match but everyone wants to have their hand raised in the main event of Absolute Justice!!!

Tickets are on sale at cwftickets.com with special Kernodle Club Seating and VIP Front Row seats now available!!!  Get them while you can as this event is almost certain to sell out!!!