CWF Worldwide Episode #154

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Episode #154 (07/11/18):
(Part 1 of the Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament)

Highlights from the first two rounds of the Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament.

1st Round Matches:

  • Los Chicanos vs. The Cross Brothers
  • The Carnies vs. Otto Schwanz & Mace Li
  • Gym Nasty Boys vs. High Profile
  • Redemption vs. Corruption

2nd Round Matches:

  • Winners (Chicanos/Cross Bros.) vs. Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling
  • Winners (Carnies/Otto&Mace) vs. Aaron Biggs & Kool Jay
  • Winners (Gym Nasty Boys/High Profile) vs. The Closers (Rick Roland & Caprice Sloan)
  • Winners (Redemption/Corruption) vs. The All-Stars (Roy Wilkins & Arik Royal)

PRODUCER NOTE: Due to some issues when recording this show, this event is brought to you in a raw “highlight” format.

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