The Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium was at SUPER no vacancy for CWF Mid-Atlantic’s eighteenth anniversary with 50+ fans turned away.

1.) MIKE MARS def. DIRTY DADDY in the finals of the 2017 Rising Generation League Championship Tournament to win the title.

THE UGLY DUCKLINGS and COACH MIKEY were introduced to make a special announcement but before Coach Mikey could speak, they were interrupted by the music of WHITE MIKE & TIMMY LOU RETTON to a thunderous ovation. White Mike told the Ducks that the Gym Nasty Boys have faced them all over the country so it only seemed right that the two teams face at Battlecade X8. Before the match could be made however, ETHAN SHARPE and OTTO SCHWANZ hit the scene with Sharpe insisting that White Mike still worked for Sharpe whenever he competed in the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium. Sharpe insisted on a 3 on 2 handicap match before MATTY DE NERO appeared and turned the bout into an impromptu six man tag-team bout.

2.) MATTY DE NERO & THE UGLY DUCKLINGS def. ETHAN SHARPE, WHITE MIKE & TIMMY LOU RETTON when de Nero pinned Retton after blasting him with a Nintendo power glove. Sharpe berated White Mike for his partner losing until Mike punched Ethan and then drilled him with the Can Opener. After the bout, Coach Mikey finally made the Ugly Ducklings intended announcement as they declared themselves the first team to officially enter the 2018 Kernodle Brothers Cup Tag-Team Tournament. Upon hearing this, White Mike & Timmy Lou threw their name into the hat as the second team to enter the tournament and the teams faced off knowing that they could meet again down the road.

3.) ARIC ANDREWS won a Scramble Match to earn the Golden Ticket and any match of his choice with any opponents and stipulations to be named later. Other participants in the bout included TRACER X, CAM CARTER, “THE SOUTHERN SAVIOR” JOHN SKYLER, MACE LI, MICHAEL “THE FURY” McALLISTER, “THE ASSASSIN” RAY KANDRACK and SNOOTY FOXX.

After the bout, Andrews berated everyone in the crowd insisting they failed to choose him for the Television Title drawing during the #ChooseAndrews campaign and declared himself CWF’s new “Golden Boy”

4.) Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions ZANE & DAVE DAWSON def. MECHA MERCENARY & AARON BIGGS of THE SANDWICH SQUAD in a Last Men Standing Match to retain the titles in a controversial decision after all four men were down and Zane Dawson fell onto his feet on the arena floor before the referee’s ten count.

5.) ANDREW EVERETT def. PWI Ultra J Champion LOGAN EASTON LAROUX to win the championship. Everett departs for a Japanese tour on Monday and negotiations are already underway for him to now defend the title while on tour.

6.) BRAD ATTITUDE def. CHET STERLING in a grudge match where they fought all over the building after a low blow, buckle bomb and penalty kick.

7.) CAIN JUSTICE def. NICK RICHARDS by submission when Justice caught Richards in a flying armbar as Richards attempted the cutter. A visibly dejected Richards was approached after the loss by WILLIAM L. CROSS and MICHAEL McALLISTER, whom Cross has been mentoring in recent months, and the three left together.

8.) “THE FIRST” RIC CONVERSE def. PWI Heavyweight Champion C.W. ANDERSON in a Title versus Career I Quit Match to regain the championship and save his career.

9.) ARIK “ACE” ROYAL with COACH GEMINI def. Worldwide Television Champion JESSE ADLER by pinfall to win the championship.

10.) Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion TREVOR LEE def. ROY WILKINS in a controversial I Quit Match to retain the championship. Wilkins bled after being accidentally punched in the face by his own manager Coach Gemini with the All Stars’ trademark brass knucks. Coach and the All Stars protested the decision since it was not Trevor Lee specifically who drew first blood and then the All Stars attacked, hanging Trevor by the bottom rope which had been removed during the course of the match by the All Stars grounds crew. Prior to the match, Trevor Lee was presented with a brand new Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship belt, which Wilkins and the All Stars took possession of and left with at the conclusion of the night.

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to action on Sat Jan 13 with New Year’s Knockout 2018 and the Rising Generation League takes center stage THIS Sat Jan 6 with their first RGL event of the year. Tickets for both events as well as our return to Chapel Hill on Sat Jan 27 are on sale now at cwftickets.com.

If you missed Battlecade X8 live and in person, the complete event airs over the next 3 weeks of CWF Worldwide beginning THIS Wednesday night!