Ric Converse



For the CWF Worldwide Christmas Special:

CHET STERLING and RIC CONVERSE opened the show vowing revenge The All Stars, the Dawsons, C.W. Anderson AND Brad Attitude for their actions at Ultimate Survivor. Converse formally challenged C.W. for their long awaited PWI Championship rematch at Battlecade.

1.) ETHAN SHARPE, MIKE MARS and KOOL JAY def. DIRTY DADDY, SNOOTY FOXX and KEITH MAC in a six man tag-team bout when Sharpe pinned Mac with the “fistful of dollars” uppercut. Kool Jay was bullied and berated by his partners the whole time and Dirty Daddy came to blows with his Battlecade opponent Mike Mars at the bout’s conclusion.

BRAD ATTITUDE appeared in a taped message and accepted the challenge of CHET STERLING for a 1 on 1 match at Battlecade on Sat Dec 30th.

2.) Worldwide Television Champion JESSE ADLER def. CAM CARTER. This bout and the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Title bout were determined by wrestlers from the CWF roster opening wrapped Christmas presents, inside 3 of which contained title opportunities.

PWI President WILLIAM L. CROSS responded to a taped message from Ultra J Champion LOGAN EASTON LAROUX by ordering LaRoux to defend the title on Sat Dec 30th at Battlecade against a returning ANDREW EVERETT.

3.) Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions ZANE & DAVE DAWSON def. NICK RICHARDS & MICHAEL McALLISTER after CAIN JUSTICE interfered against Richards. The challengers were determined after both Richards and McAllister opened presents containing a tag-team title shot. The Dawsons continued attacking their opponents after the bell until THE SANDWICH SQUAD made the save and issued a challenge to the Dawsons for Battlecade X8 in a Last Men Standing Match where the only way to win is for BOTH members of the opposing team cannot answer the referee’s 10 count.

For the CWF Worldwide Road to Battlecade:

ARIC ANDREWS continued his campaign to be selected as the next Worldwide Television Title challenger. MACE LI of the All Stars interrupted, berating CL PARTY for her role in the All Stars announcer JARRY CAREY being out of action. Mace advanced on Party until Andrews stepped in and defused the situation, then blasted Mace Li and challenged him for an impromptu match.

1.) ARIC ANDREWS def. MACE LI with a jacknife pin. The Sportatorium faithful were surprisingly pro-Andrews here as the #ChooseAndrews movement appears to be growing.

2.) CAIN JUSTICE def. JOEY LYNCH with the twist ending. After the bout, Justice was confronted by Nick Richards who challenged him for Battlecade in a tense confrontation.

Aric Andrews and Worldwide Television Champion Jesse Adler were both present for the drawing of the Television Title Challenger for Battlecade. With the crowd chanting for Andrews, he was given the task of drawing the challenger at random but the name drawn was that of the All Stars’ Arik Royal. Adler and Royal had a heated exchange in-ring as Andrews threw his name into the hat for the Golden Ticket Scramble at Battlecade, which COULD net him another Television Title shot should he win it.

3.) ROY WILKINS and ARIK ROYAL with COACH GEMINI def. RIC CONVERSE and CHET STERLING when Wilkins pinned Converse after C.W. ANDERSON appeared. What followed was one of the most tense moments in the history of the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium as Anderson handcuffed Converse to the ring ropes and insisted the only way he would grant a championship rematch would be if Converse put his nearly 20-year career on the line at Battlecade. Converse agreed but then raised the stakes even higher calling for an I Quit Match. After harsh words from both, the match was made for Sat Dec 30th at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium: Anderson’s PWI Heavyweight Championship vs Converse’s career in an I Quit Match.