Forth Match Announced for CWF STRONG: Maxwell vs. Justice

The forth official match announced for the February 10th CWF Mid-Atlantic event, “CWFSTRONG”, will see the former RGL Champion, Cain Justice, battle against the high-flying Ian Maxwell!

Cain Justice has been on a roll lately with wins over CWF veterans and the top Rising Generation League competitors.  Justice hopes to ground Maxwell and disable him with the various submission locks that he has mastered and continue his climb in the rankings.

Ian Maxwell is looking for his first big win in CWF Mid-Atlantic.  A victory over Justice would not only bring new eyes to his in-ring skills but could slot him right into a RGL Title match!  Maxwell hopes this match is the future of things to come!

Additional matches will be revealed all this week as we head towards “CWFSTRONG”!!!  Be sure to get your tickets and the special T-Shirt, at