FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – Bunkhouse Bull Rope Match!!!

CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “Freedom of Expression” on Saturday, June 30th, at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC!  This event will mark some very memorable matches including the start of the 15th Annual Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament to honor wrestling legend and friend, the late-great Johnny Weaver.

After breaking out on the first event of the year, “Cowboy” Kool Jay has capture the RGL Title and the hearts of all the fans in the Sportatorium.  But every step he takes it seems that The Coach and his gang of All-Stars have been standing in his way.  Kool Jay has retained his title repeatedly against All-Star Mace Li and has even nearly defeated both Roy Wilkins and Arik Royal (and probably would have defeated them had it not been for The Coach’s dastardly ways)!

At Absolute Justice, Kool Jay won the opportunity to get The Coach in the ring for 5-minutes.  However as Kool Jay was delivering his payback, Roy Wilkins made his return and KOed Kool Jay from behind.  Having been robbed of his revenge, Kool Jay appealed to the fans and CWF officials to grant him a one-on-one match with The Coach.  He wanted just one stipulation to keep The Coach in the ring… and that was a Bull Rope Match!

The fans applauded at the challenge and William L. Cross quickly came to the ring to not only agree with Kool Jay’s plea, but Cross also added another stipulation.  Stating that the All-Star Gang was notorious for running into matches, Cross added the “Bunkhouse” clause and announced that he was going to round up a posse to surround the ring to insure the Kool Jay would get a fair chance at fighting The Coach.

Wrestlers will surround the ring and if any Kool Jay or The Coach exit the ring, the “posse” will throw them back in.  Also both opponents will be tied together with a bull rope and cowbell attached to keep them together.  The bull rope and bell will be considered “legal” in this match and can be used in any way.  The only way to win is to touch each corner in succession!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see a special match like this in person!!!

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