Good Vibrations – Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling

CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “Good Vibrations” on April 28th, at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC.  As we move closer to summer and the warmth of the sun is giving us all some “good vibes”, there will definitely be some in the ring this Saturday Night!

The Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Winners, Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling, will be appearing at “Good Vibrations.”  After Sterling & Lee captured the Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Trophy, largely on the back of Sterling, as Lee was very sick the day of the tournament, Sterling actually left with the trophy!  CWF Mid-Atlantic plans on having a special interview with the winning team and restoring the “good vibes” with this championship team.

However there is a lot of discussion going on about a Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match between the two friends.  Sterling has brushed off any talk of such a match, in what most believe is due to the respect he has for Trevor, and most assume his plan all along was to sit on the opportunity to fight for the heavyweight crown until someone unseats Lee.  By winning the  Johnny Weaver Cup Trophy, Sterling only has to declare his intention and the date to get a guaranteed title shot.  But there is a time limit… it has to be redeemed before a new Weaver Cup winner is crowned on August 25th, 2018.


Trevor Lee has never dodged an opponent and it is certain that he would be happy to defend his championship against Chet Sterling if he requests it.  Is that request imminent?

Find out this Saturday Night at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium!!!