Green With Envy – Hurricane Shane Helms defends the Worldwide TV Title

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday, March 17th, for the St. Patrick’s Day Spectacular, “Green With Envy”!  Since we’re all wearing green on that day it wouldn’t be complete with “Hurricane” Shane Helms!

The reigning CWF Worldwide TV Champion will be defending his title against the “luck of the draw” as we’ll have his opponent drawn at random prior to the match!  The person that gets their name drawn may need a four-leaf clover to give them even more luck in the championship match to defeat Helms!

Shane Helms continues to impress everyone having defeated Arik Royal and Brad Attitude in the TV Title bouts.  Will his luck run out on St. Patrick’s Day?  One thing is for sure, there is a locker room full of potential challengers, all of whom will be “Green With Envy” this Saturday Night!

Many more matches to be announced this week!  VIP Tickets are still available. Get your tickets now at!