JOHNNY WEAVER CUP FINALS NIGHT – Title Bouts & Tournament Matches Set

CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “Johnny Weaver Cup Finals Night” on Saturday, August 25th, at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC! This year’s Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament Final Four are set plus two huge title bouts confirmed!!!  What a way to close the summer season with this spectacular event!!!

cwf_weaver_cup_match_trevor-chet_600Last year’s Weaver Cup Winner, Chet Sterling, has waited an entire year to cash in his guaranteed Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title match.  Sterling announced on August 11th at “Storm Warning” that he had prepared himself all year for this moment.  Trevor Lee acknowledged that Chet is the only person he really was worried about that could end his historic title reigh… a reign that will total 910 days as Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion when they face each other on August 25th.  Two friends enter to do battle for the heavyweight crown. No matter the result, it will be a historic moment as Trevor Lee will reach 910 days or Chet Sterling will snap the longest title reign in Mid-Atlantic history!

cwf_weaver_cup_match_kj-skylerFor the fifteen time The Johnny Weaver Cup will be presented to the superior wrestler of the summer long tournament.  Along with the trophy cup, a guaranteed title match for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship also goes to the winner.  That match can be claimed with proper notice anytime during the year until midnight of the next Weaver Cup Finals Night.  This year the Final Four is a bit surprising. Most surprising is the performance of RGL Champion, “Cowboy” Kool Jay.  Kool Jay has not only fought off the All-Star Gang, retained the RGL Title for seven straight months, survived his truck catching on fire and being destroyed, but he also also survived this tournament to reach Finals Night! While everyone will be cheering on Kool Jay, his opponent will be the least surprising finalist, “The Southern Savior” John Skyler.  Skyler is no stranger to anyone that follows professional wrestling.  A super talented wrestler that has captured numerous titles everywhere he goes.  But one thing he has not captured is the Weaver Cup, a trophy he most assuredly wants to add to his collection of professional accomplishments.  The winner of this semi-final bout will move on to the Finals later in the night.

cwf_weaver_cup_match_cam-cainThe other semi-final match will see PWI Ultra J Champion, Cam Carter, match up with 1/2 of the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Cain Justice.  Carter, who shocked the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium with his upset win over Andrew Everett to lay claim to the Ultra J Title, knocked off powerhouse Otto Schwanz to advance to this semi-final bout.  Carter has been building his reputation quickly with some huge victories, including defeating former Ultra J Champions, Chet Sterling and Logan Easton Leroux.  Now Cam is on the cusp of chiseling his name into the most honored trophy in the region if he can win two more matches.  Trying to insure that doesn’t happen, Cain Justice will be doing everything in his power (which will certainly include his tag team partner, Ethan Alexander Sharpe) to get his name on the trophy instead. Sharpe had already stated that the Weaver Cup and the honor that goes with it will be corrupted, like everything his “Corruption” team has done so far.

cwf_weaver_cup_match_tag-titlesIn a unique twist of fate, both Kool Jay and Cain Justice must wrestle two times… and could perhaps wrestle THREE TIMES IN ONE NIGHT!  The Tag Team Champions had refused to defend their newly won titles at “Storm Warning” insisting they were concentrating on the Weaver Cup matches they both had that night.  PWI President William L. Cross was not too happy about that and fired back that they would have to defend the titles on Finals Night instead.  This has now put Cain Justice in the unfortunate position of competing in the tournament, where he will wrestle in the semi-final round, and if he wins also in the finals, but no matter Justice will have to wrestle in a Tag Title match as well!  With “Marshal” Michael McAllister joining forces with “Sheriff” Kool Jay to go after “Corruption” , the new tag team of “Blazing Saddles” was given the championship bout by Cross.  This could also spell THREE MATCHES IN ONE NIGHT for Kool Jay as well!!!

Also new for Saturday will be the first-time-ever post show for Twitch!!! Hosted by the new Director of Marketing for the cryptocurrency Bit-Don, Khan O’Kelly, and sponsored by Bit-Don, O’Kelly will wrap up Finals Night discussing the results of the matches as well as answering questions from the Twitch Chat live!  The post show will start immediately after the main event as a continuation of our live stream of the event itself.



More matches are on tap for the night so don’t you dare miss this one!!!


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