2019 Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament

The 3rd Annual Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament returns to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC on don_kernodle_69th_birthday_party_invite_500May 3rd & May 4th and hosted by Don & Rocky Kernodle!!!

This special 2-night event will feature teams from across the United States that will battle it out over two nights to claim the Kernodle Tag Team Tournament Cup to be presented by Don & Rocky!!!  The winning team will also automatically qualify for a future shot at the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles.

This year will be even more special as we celebrate Don Kernodle’s 69th Birthday both nights!!! It’s going to be twice as nice with birthday cake and more surprises each night!!!  Come and celebrate this special birthday with Don Kernodle!!!


At least 10 teams will be officially accepted for this year’s tournament.  BitDon ICO automatically earn the #1 seed at the reigning Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions.  Redemption won a special shoot-out match for the #2 seed.  The All-Stars are have also been selected as the #3 seed. The All-Stars made the finals for both 2017 & 2018.



  1. BitDon ICO (Donald BitDon & Otto Schwanz w/Khan O’Kelly): Reigning Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions
  2. Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) : former Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions & 2018 Final Four team
  3. The All-Stars (Roy Wilkins & Arik Royal w/The World’s Greatest Coach in the Whole World): 2017 & 2018 Finals Team


Currently Unseeded but officially entered:

  • TK-OPA (Ted Ireland, Jr. & Ulysse Demon)
  • TGA Moss & Jamal the Titan
  • Darius Lockhart & Big Time Yah
  • Corruption (Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Dirty Daddy)
  • Snooty Foxx & “Cowboy” Kool Jay
  • Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride & Tank Lawson
  • Aaron Biggs & Mike Mars





Round 1: TGA Moss & Jamal the Titan defeated Snooty Foxx & “Cowboy” Kool Jay

Round 1: Aaron Biggs & Mike Mars defeated Strength in Numbers (Corporate Number Dad & Number Braaah)

Round 1: Rob McBride & Tank Lawson defeated Corruption

Round 1: TK-OPA (Ulysse Demos & Ted Ireland, Jr.) defeated Danny Vegas & Hezakiah Hoskins

Bonus Match: Cam Cater pinned Cain Justice

tkopa-15Round 2: Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) defeated TGA Moss & Jamal the Titan

Round 2: Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles on the line!
Donald BitDon & Otto Schwanz (c) defeated Aaron Biggs & Mike Mars

Round 2: The All-Stars (Roy Wilkins & Arik Royal) defeated Rob McBride & Tank Lawson

Round 2: TK-OPA defeated Darius Lockhart & Big Time Yah


RGL Title Match: “Cowboy” Kool Jay (c) pinned Hezakiah Hoskins

Semi-Final: Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles on the line!TK-OPA defeated Donald BitDon & Otto Schwanz to win the tag titles

Semi-Final: The All-Stars defeated Redemption (Michael McAllister & Kool Jay subbing for injured Nick Richards)

PWI Central Carolinas Title Match: Snooty Foxx (c) defeated Danny Vegas

Rob McBride, Tank Lawson, Mike Mars & Adrian “Action” Jackson defeated Corporate Number Dad, Number Braaah, Grand Daddy Numbers & Dirty Daddy

Cam Carter pinned Ethan Alexander Sharpe

Finals: TK-OPA defeated The All-Stars to win the 3rd Annual Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament


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