All of us at CWF Mid-Atlantic are thrilled to report that our own MANNY GARCIA has accepted an offer from WWE to join the NXT brand. After agreeing to terms on a contract, Garcia reported to the state of the art WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida earlier this month.


Garcia is a graduate of the Mid-Atlantic Dojo, our world class wrestling school located in Gibsonville, North Carolina. He made his pro debut against Ric Converse on May 17, 2013. From there he went on to engage in lengthy feuds with Rob McBride and Chris Lea, captured the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship from Mark James and became one of the most engaging personalities on the CWF Mid-Atlantic roster.


“It is just unbelievably rare to find someone who has SO much going for them,” recalls CWF matchmaker Brad Stutts. “Manny looks great physically AND he has presence – his verbal ability is phenomenal, he’s quick witted, he’s engaging, the camera LOVES him, but even going a step beyond that, he’s mature, he’s well spoken, college educated, even being Dominican he represents an ethnicity that you could tap into who have never had a breakout wrestling superstar in the United States to look up to. He just checks off sooo many things that any promoter is looking for, I knew from the first moment I saw him and the first time I heard him speak that it would not be long before the major worldwide organizations came knocking on his door.”


We wish Manny all the luck in the world as he takes the next step in his professional career. To read more about his signing, check out this article published recently in the Miami Herald:

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