Our House – Official Results & New Champion Crowned!

Fans witnessed a packed card of action at “Our House” on May 12th in Gibsonville, NC!  The following are the results:

  1. Arik Royal with Coach Gemini, Mace Li & Jarry Carey defeated RGL Champion “Cowboy” Kool Jay by pinfall in non-title singles action (19:44).
    Despite the loss, Kool Jay delivered his own brand of justice on The Coach.
  2. Donnie Dollar$ & Otto Schwanz defeated Keith Mack and Willie D by pinfall in tag team action (7:20)
    Dollar$ attempted to announce his new ICO but was interrupted before he could explain just what that is.
  3. Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) with William L. Cross defeated The Cross Brothers’ Aden & Christian Cross by pinfall in tag team action (9:09)
    Both teams participted in the Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament and both teams again displayed that they both should be considered future tag team contenders.
  4. Mike Mars and Aaron Biggs fought to a time limit draw (15:00)
    While the big men battled it out, The Coach appeared to be scouting the match and afterwards approached Mike Mars about a potential “call up” to the All-Stars.
  5. PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Cam Carter defeated Chet Sterling by pinfall to retain the championship (9:56)
    A tremendous match that saw Brad Attitude distract Sterling just enough to allow an opening that Cam Carter was able to exploit for the win.
  6. Corruption (Cain Justice & Ethan Alexander Sharpe) defeated Snooty Foxx & Dirty Daddy by pinfall in Grudge Tag Team bout (13:58)
    Corruption once again broke every rule available to steal the win over the fan favorites.
  7. CWF Worldwide Television Champion Shane “Hurricane” Helms defeated Aric Andrews by pinfall to retain the title (7:13)
    The victory was marred by an attack on Helms by The All-Stars.  Arik Royal led the barrage which left Helms laying in the ring.
  8. Aric Andrews defeated CWF Worldwide Television Champion Shane “Hurricane” Helms to win the title after cashing in the CWF Golden Ticket (0:32)
    Andrews took advantage of the All-Stars attack and cashed in his Golden Ticket for an immediate re-match with Helms for the title and captured the championship.
  9. CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions retained their titles winning by pinfall in a four-way one-fall bout for the titles versus Los Chicanos’ Jeff & Jonathon Castro, Redemption (Nick Richards & Michael McAllister) w/William L. Cross &  Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling (18:24)
    Injuries ruled the day in the main event.  Jonathan Castro was carried from ringside from an injury he suffered in the match.  Chet Sterling was also helped from the ring area after being attacked by Brad Attitude.  Trevor Lee chased Attitude from the building leaving two and a half teams to fight for the tag titles.  After it appeared Redemption was going to win, Zane Dawson landed a low blow on Richards to score the win albeit tainted.

Plenty of pictures from the night are viewable on the IndyInsiders website.


William L. Cross announced afterwards that he was ordering a match between Chet Sterling and Brad Attitude at the June 9th summer supershow, “Absolute Justice.”

Cross also revealed the main event for Absolute Justice will be the return of the “Everything To Lose Match.”  Four teams will face each other with all the championships on the line.  Teams will be:

  1. Ric Converse (PWI Hwt. Championship) & Cam Carter (PWI Ultra J Championship)
  2. Trevor Lee (Mid-Atlantic Hwt. Championhip) & Aric Andrews (CWF Worldwide TV Championship)
  3. The Dawson Brothers (Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championships)
  4. Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) will no longer be able to team together if either is pinned

More details on Absolute Justice coming soon!!!