The Big Payback – Chet Sterling vs. Otto Schwanz

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to the Hargraves Community Center in Chapel Hill, NC for “The Big Payback” on Saturday, March 10th!  This is shaping up to be quite an event as ticket sales have been brisk and we are expecting a very large crowd.

Otto Schwanz is no stranger to the Chapel Hill fans as he earned their ire at the first CWF event at the Hargraves Community Center, where he faced local hometown hero, Snooty Foxx.  Now Schwanz is going to face another big fan favorite in Chet Sterling.

Sterling has tried to ride his huge win of the 2017 Johnny Weaver Cup into even more success, but has instead run into some major roadblocks in Brad Attitude and John Skyler.  Chet has lost a total of 3 straight matches to them collectively and hopes that Chapel Hill will be the place the skid stops.

Can Chet Sterling finally get back on track or will “The Wrestling Machine” Otto Schwanz keep him off the rails?

More matches to be announced as we approach March 10th!

Fans in or near Chapel Hill can pick up tickets by calling 919-923-5419 or you can purchase your tickets online at