Feb 27, 2016: With the stakes that he will never wrestle for CWF Mid-Atlantic again should he lose, TREVOR LEE defeats Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion ROY WILKINS in an amazing 1:03: match to win the title and save his CWF career.

Nov 18, 2016: Wilkins wins the 2016 Torneo Cibernetico and with it, the Golden Ticket, entitling him to any match with any opponents and any stipulation of his choosing.

Sep 9, 2016: After watching Trevor break Arik Royal’s record for the longest title reign in CWF Mid-Atlantic history, Wilkins announces plans to cash in his Golden Ticket at next month’s CWF Rumble but not in a one on one match – Trevor must start at # 1 and defend the title all throughout the 30 man Rumble Match.

Oct 14, 2017: Wilkins further uses his Golden Ticket privilege to award himself the # 30 entry into the Rumble Match and he goes right for Trevor Lee … who promptly side-steps Wilkins and tosses him over the top rope immediately. Enraged that their grand plan did not work, Wilkins re-enters the match illegally and blasts Trevor in the face with brass knuckles, opening a gash on the champion’s head that leaves Trevor bloody for the rest of the bout.

Nov 18, 2017: One year after winning the Golden Ticket and one month after being one-upped by Trevor, Wilkins interferes in the Triathlon Survivor Match and once again draws blood on the champion using brass knuckles. At the conclusion of the bout, a bloody and battered Trevor Lee gives an impassioned speech where he offers to defend the Mid-Atlantic Championship against Wilkins at our anniversary supercard Battlecade X8 in a First Blood Match.

Dec 30, 2017: Does Roy Wilkins accept?! Will our anniversary supercard be headlined by two of the greatest technical wrestlers alive in a knock down drag out fist fight?! We await a reply from Wilkins soon!