Trevor Lee vs. Roy Wilkins – No Ropes II Match Preview

Catch a glimpse of the incredible 58-minute “No Ropes II Match” for the Undisputed Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship as Trevor Lee faces Roy Wilkins with The All-Stars BARRED from ringside.

The full match will be shown on CWF Worldwide Episode 148 to air on Wednesday Night, March 14th @ 9pm Eastern.

We’ll be premiering CWF Worldwide Episode 148 featuring the “No Ropes II Match” on our brand new Twitch Channel!  CWF Worldwide will still be available on YouTube on the following night.

Kick off next week with a marathon of CWF Worldwide Episodes which will be broadcast on the CWF Twitch Channel starting Sunday, March 11th.

We believe that using the Twitch platform will allow for better interaction between our fans, wrestlers, and the promotion itself.  Twitch features a live chat where we will have various CWF personalities in the chat room to talk about CWF Worldwide as it airs.

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