Ultimate Suvivor XVI – 16th Annual Triathlon Suvivor Match!!!

cwf_ultimate_survivor_16_900CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “Ultimate Survivor XVI” on Saturday, November 17th, at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC!  This annual event features a variety of Survivor Style matches including the “Triathlon Survivor Match”.  CWF was the first company in the United States to host a Triathlon Survivor and has continued that tradition each year since its inception.  The bout was originally invented by Jushin “Thunder” Liger and it provides the opportunity for a wrestler, should they choose, to complete a “Triathlon” with this special best of three falls bout.


With the loss of the CWF Worldwide TV Title tocwf_ultimate_survivor_16_bitdon Otto Schwanz at “Invincible,” Trevor Lee has upped the ante for this year’s Triathlon Survivor! Lee will be putting up his Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title in all three falls!!! Should anyone pin him, they will capture the title he’s held for 987-Days as of the date of this event.  This year “Team Trevor Lee” will have the most inexperienced wrestlers ever, as Lee has tabbed “TKO” Ted Ireland, Jr. and France’s Ulysse Demos as his partners.  The duo, known as “TK-Opa”, have become quick fan favorites and were the ones to rush to Trevor Lee’s side after the upset loss to Schwanz.

Facing “Team Trevor Lee” will be “Team BitDon”.  Director of BitDon Marketing, Khan O’Kelly, will field Otto Schwanz, Donnie BitDon, and Number Man in an attempt to not only win this historic bout, but also to pad their resume with the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship!!!


cwf_ultimate_survivor_16_5-5It’s the “Old School” versus the “New School” in this traditional elimination tag team match.  The CWF Legends will see Ric Converse, Joey Silvia, Steve Greene, Jesse Ortega, and Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride team up in one of the most star-studded teams ever created!

They will face the CWF New Stars as Roy Wilkins, Arik Royal, Mace Li, Aric Andrews and Steven “Pitbull” Idol team up in a very strong lineup.

The biggest question though is just whose side will Coach Gemini be on?  Jesse Ortega seems to be the linchpin in the decision and at “Invincible” The Coach hugged Ortega before he left the arena.

Is Ortega on deep cover for the Coach’s All-Stars?  Or will the Gemini Kid return with the CWF Legends and forsake his All-Stars???


cwf_ultimate_survivor_16_red_captainsTORNEO CIBERNETICO (Updated 11/15)

Always a crowd favorite, the Cibernetico will return and be filled with competitors seeking to make a name for themselves at “Ultimate Suvivor”.  There will be two teams, with captains to be announced soon, and a lineup must be decided at bell time.  The bout will continue until only 1 person survivors to claim the victory and a special prize also to be announced.

cwf_ultimate_survivor_16_blue_team_captCo-Captains have been announced for the “Red Team” in the Cibernetico. The Breakfast Club, Abominable CPA & Francis Kip Stevens, will field the Red Team Invading Army!!!  The Red Team will also include “Pale Horse” Josey Quinn, Cuzzin Shaggy, and Team Espana!

Captain of the “Blue Team” will be 2018 CWF Rumble Winner, Aaron Biggs!  Biggs will field the Blue Team CWF Army to include Mike Mars, Snooty Foxx, Chris “TNT” Taylor, and two more combatants to be announced!

The winner of the Cibernetico will select a tag team partner to join them in the main event, the 1st-ever Tag Team Survivor Ladder Match with a chance to win the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles!!!



cwf_ultimate_survivor_16_ladder2The tag team scene has been out of control lately with interference from various teams and it looks like one team may have already split up!!  The reigning Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Blazing Saddles (Michael McAllister & “Cowboy” Kool Jay), will put their belts in the ceiling for this match!  The special stipulation is that anyone who captures a belt will leave as 1/2 of the tag champions.  This means that we could not only have new tag champs, but also a brand new tag team form at the same time!!!  Any two entrants that capture a belt will be the new tag team champions!!!

Dirty Daddy won a special elimination match at the October RGL event, granting him a spot in this tag team contest. Dirty was expected to select his regular tag team partner, Snooty Foxx, but after events from the Chapel Hill “Tarheel Terror” event and what happened in their tag bout at “Invincible”, Dirty Daddy shocked everyone by selecting Nick Richards as his partner for this match!!!

Officially entered teams are:

  • Blazing Saddles (Michael McAllister & “Cowboy” Kool Jay) – Champions
  • Corruption (Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Cain Justice)
  • Dirty Daddy & Nick Richards
  • Mystery Team to be determined at Ultimate Surivvor’s Cibernetico Match!



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cwf_ultimate_survivor_16_postshowStay tuned after the main event on for the CWF Ultimate Survivor Post Show hosted by Khan O’Kelly and sponsored by BitDon! Khan will be answering your questions LIVE from the CWF Twitch Chatroom! Khan will also be recapping the events from “Ultimate Survivor XVI” plus Special Guests!!! It’s the “Hottest Wrestling Post Show on the Planet!”

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