Who is the Most Likely Contender to dethrone Trevor Lee?

Who is the most likely contender to dethrone Trevor Lee?

That is the question that fans that don’t miss any of Trevor Lee’s title defenses in person as well as fans all over the world that watch #CWFWorldwide each week.  Lee has already amassed a two year plus title reign, disposing of each and every challenger including the astonishing 2017 CWF Rumble where he was forced to defend the title against 29 other competitors and start as the #1 entry!

Trevor Lee raised the stakes when he captured the championship from Roy Wilkins on February 27, 2016.  After forcing Wilkins to submit in 105-minutes, yes that is a modern-day-era record of ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE MINUTES, to become the new champion, Lee declared that all his title defenses would be “No Time Limit”.   Trevor wanted to make his mark as something more than special.  Something that anyone that witnesses a Trevor Lee title defense will readily admit he has already accomplished.

Having dispatched Roy Wilkins twice in the last three months and knocking him out of title contention with his 58-minute win in the “No Ropes Match II” in February…

Here are the Most Likely Contenders to dethrone Trevor Lee:

  1. cwf_brad_attitude_250Brad Attitude – A former 2-time Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Attitude is a perennial threat to the title.  None are as skilled and crafty as this contender and he just so happens to have scored two big victories (albeit tainted in the eyes of the fans) over another top contender, Chet Sterling.  It looks like Attitude is biding his time and waiting for the right opportunity to secure a title bout.  Attitude claims he is the “1 Star” and a championship win over Trevor Lee will certainly make him “THE STAR” in CWF rings.
  2. John Skyler – Championships and big time match-ups are not cwf_john_skyler_250only common for John Skyler, they are expected at this point in his career.  He had an opportunity to face Lee about a year ago for the title but was turned away in a classic bout.  Skyler has since been stewing for another chance to face Trevor Lee.  One would think his reappearance in CWF Mid-Atlantic is no coincidence as it apparently was timed to show up as the former #1 contender, Roy Wilkins, was displaced.  Skyler also has scored a victory over Chet Sterling too… and some might say with a little help from Attitude.  Is there something brewing here???  It’s no secret that Skyler has his sights set on the Mid-Atlantic Title, but does he have a secret plan that could help him make that a reality?
  3. cwf_chet_sterling_250Chet Sterling – The 2017 Johnny Weaver Cup Champion has had quite a run in CWF, holding the Television Title and the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles (w/Trevor Lee) at the same time.  Most feel like because he is friends with Trevor Lee, that friendship has cost him a deserved opportunity to become the “top guy” in the promotion.   While Sterling has never commented on facing Trevor Lee for the prestigious Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship, the fact remains that he does hold a guaranteed title bout thanks to his win of the Weaver Cup.  Now eight months later, Sterling still hasn’t announced a date for that match.  Everyone assumed he was sitting on the contract and would exercise his option as soon as someone defeated Lee.  But with four months left to claim it, can Sterling wait much longer?  It’s a match-up everyone has been talking about since he earned it at the Weaver Cup Tournament and you’ve got to ask yourself… who knows Trevor better than his tag team partner?
  4. Jokers Wild – Nobody thought Buster Douglas should even step into the ring with Mike Tyson.  Beating him?  Come on, that’s nonsense!  But we all know how that fight ended… the punch heard ’round the world!  Many think that could be the way Trevor Lee loses the title.  To a journeyman that no one thinks has a chance and an opponent that Trevor Lee didn’t properly prepare for because… well no one should be able to beat this champ.  However it must happen one day… it has to happen if the world keeps spinning… and that is where the “Jokers” come in.
    • cwf_aric_andrews_250There is Aric Andrews who holds “The Golden Ticket” which would give him an advantage in their match. Andrews has already held the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles and the Worldwide Television Title.  He has been scouting all the champions lately and could challenge for any of them courtesy of the Golden Ticket.  Many feel like he prefers to go after the Mid-Atlantic Title held by Trevor Lee.  It would be a gamble to use it against Lee considering all the stipulations he has overcome.  Perhaps Andrews will go against the odds…
    • Or maybe former champion Arik Royal could be the All-Star that finds the hidden answer of how to beat cwf_arik_royal_250Trevor Lee.  Royal is looking to rebound from his stunning loss of the Worldwide TV Title to “Hurricane” Shane Helms on his very first title defense.  If you know his manager, The Coach, he’s the one to exploit anything to help his players win. We know The Coach is obsessed with putting the title belt back into his trophy case so anything is possible with Coach’s All-Stars.
    • Forgot about Ric Converse? – As the current and 3-time PWI International Heavyweight Champion, Converse isn’t even eligible to hold the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title due to PWI rules.  But what if he were to lose the title again?  Would Ric cwf_ric_converse_250Converse consider another run at the championship held by Trevor Lee? Converse is considered the foundation of CWF and carried the banner on 6 different occassions!  Converse has long been considered “the man” in the promotion as he also captured the AWA World Heavyweight Title from Takao Omori in Indianapolis while holding the Mid-Atlantic Championship.  A title he would have to give up to defend the World Title.  There’s always that question in the back of everyone’s head at the Sportatorium, if and when Ric might want to extend his record setting title runs.  When you think about it, there’s something special about being called a “7-Time Mid-Atlantic Champion”…
    • Then there are the rumors of top grapplers from England, Mexico, and Japan that have contacted the CWF office in hopes of securing a title match and the fame that will go with dethroning the longest reigning Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion of all time.  Could someone from another country actually be the person to wrest away the title?  There is a lot of talk but we’ve yet to see an agreement in place.
    • Or maybe it will be another Buster Douglas.  Someone you least expect could very well be the one to do what no one has been able to do in over two years.  You say no way but so did Mike Tyson and the rest of the world.  Stunning?? Shocking?!? Impossi… hmm, IMPROBABLE, but not impossible!

One thing is for sure.  We all are lucky to watch Trevor Lee in action as he writes the tale of the little boy who had a dream.  The little boy that grew up in the ring with hopes and aspirations that we all share of success.  We’ve seen him mature, year-by-year, and we have all been able to benefit from those fruits for over two years now.  We should probably just sit back and enjoy the ride because like most things in life, it may be a lot shorter than we realize.