Who Will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR??!!!!

The 17th Annual Ultimate Survivor features all survivor style bouts!!!
The return of the Authentic Lucha Libre style CAGE OF DEATH!!!
8 wrestlers risk their HAIR or MASK inside a REAL STEEL CAGE!!!
Who will survive? Who will win?? Who will be humiliated by losing their hair or mask???
When all the competitors are inside the cage, the door will be chained and locked. The bell will sound and all entrants will fight it out for 5-minutes before they are allowed to escape the cage.  Once a wrestler reaches the floor they officially save their hair or mask.  The match continues until there are only 2 wrestlers left inside the cage.  The match then changes to a 1-fall bout inside the cage with the loser of that fall losing their hair or mask!!!
“Cowboy” Kool Jay – “TKO” Ted Ireland, Jr. – Number Braaah – Buddy Flowers – Ethan Alexander Sharpe – Dirty Daddy – Corporate Number Dad – Vaquero del Diablo
*** 17th Annual Triathlon Survivor ***
The first promotion in the United States to host the match invented by Jushin Liger, CWF once again features the Triathlon Survivor! It’s the Best of 3 Falls, with a Six-Man Tag, Tag, and Singles Match to decide the winners!!!
“Coach’s All-Stars”Arik Royal, TGA Moss & The Coach
“All CWF Stars”Roy Wilkins, Michael McAllister & Adrian “Action” Jackson
cwf_fb_banner_invincible_survivor_17_bitdon*** 4-on-4 Elimination Match ***
The feud between Chris Riddle and Khan O’Kelly has spilled into a real match at Ultimate Survivor!
Team BitDon – Donald J. BitDon, Nicholas K. Richards, Thomas A. Roberts, & Khan O’Kelly
Team Riddle – Chris Riddle, Aaron Biggs, plus two more members to be announced!!!
cwf_fb_banner_invincible_survivor_17_ciber-mars*** Cibernetico ***
The always fun and fast paced Cibernetico returns with team members to be announced!!!
Team AmishViva Las Amish captain the team and will be revealing their teams members
Team MarsMike Mars captains his team to be announced!
Don’t miss the annual mega-event!!!
You can’t miss event!!!TO WATCH IN PERSON: Tickets are on sale at with special Haunted Kernodle Club Seating and VIP Front Row seats now available!!! Get them now to reserve the best seating!!!Half-Time Report with Jarry Caray!  For out Twitch viewers, Jarry Caray recaps the event and previews the second half of the event.  Jarry always talks his Shoe Game and brings in special guests to keep you entertained during intermission.  Be sure to check it out!Stay tuned after the main event on for the CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR POST SHOW hosted by Khan O’Kelly and sponsored by BitDon! Khan will be answering your questions LIVE from the CWF Twitch Chatroom! Khan will also be recapping the events plus interviewing wrestlers from the night!! It’s the “Hottest Wrestling Post Show on the Planet!”TO WATCH LIVE STREAMING ON THE INTERNET: Visit our Twitch page at: